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Estate Planning

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Black McCuskey’s Estates and Trusts team of professionals provide a complete range of estate planning and administration services.  The complexities of our federal and state wealth transfer tax systems, as well as trust and estate income taxation laws, make careful planning essential to minimize the tax impact on asset transfers during lifetime or death.

Wills, Trusts & Estate Administration
Our highly-trained team of paralegals who work under attorney supervision enable Black McCuskey to provide excellent trust and estate administration services.  Our specialized computer hardware and software further enable us to provide state-of-the-art, reasonably priced services.  Black McCuskey is proud to have built a reputation for having the skill, education and empathy to assist our clients and their families in such important and personal matters.

Succession Planning
In representing a wide range of closely held entities, we use our extensive experience to help your company develop and maintain strong leadership to help motivate and retain key leaders.  Our strategies help to provide stability involved in the transition of leadership within a company.  Furthermore, we help minimize the tax consequences involved in the transfer of business ownership from person to person, or generation to generation. 

Service Directory
Covering all phases of estate planning and trust administration: 


  • Buy-sell agreements

  • Charitable giving strategies

  • Deferred compensation

  • Employee benefits

  • Estate and trust administration

  • Family gift programs

  • Guardianship

  • Life and disability insurance planning

  • Litigation

  • Living wills

  • Powers of attorney

  • Private foundations

  • Probate Administration

  • Retirement planning

  • Wills and trusts defense

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