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Labor & Employment

At Black McCuskey, we provide clients with a complete team of highly responsive legal experts who assist management in making labor and employment decisions that support their business objectives. Careful planning and preventative legal counsel, coupled with aggressive management of labor and employment-related matters, often eliminates the need for expensive and protracted grievance, administrative and litigation proceedings.  However, such adversarial proceedings, including demanding and sophisticated litigation, cannot always be avoided. Therefore, each labor and employment attorney at Black McCuskey is an experienced trial lawyer. Attorneys practicing in the Labor and Employment Practice Area are skilled and knowledgeable advocates in:

  • labor arbitration 

  • negotiations of individual employment contracts and union-employer agreements 

  • union avoidance strategies,

  • defense of union certification petitions

  • state and federal administrative proceedings before civil rights commissions 

  • labor/employment litigation

Black McCuskey represents both private and public sector employers, unionized and non-unionized, offering services to a broad diversity of clients, ranging from sole partnerships to large multi-plant corporations.  Practical advice is provided on a broad spectrum of discrimination matters, including issues of age, race, sex, nationality, religion, disability or handicap and related concerns. 

Service Directory
Includes all aspects of employer compliance, prevention and protection concerning labor, employment and employee benefits:

  • EEO administrative proceedings, policies and practices, state and federal

  • Employee benefit design and implementation

  • Employee contracts and handbooks

  • ERISA, COBRA and FMLA compliance and defense

  • Federal contractor/OFCCP proceedings

  • Grievance/arbitration proceedings

  • Hiring and termination counseling

  • Intentional Tort Defense

  • National Labor Relations Board (NLRB)

  • Non-competition and confidentiality agreements    

  • Occupational safety and health (OSHA Defense –  all phases)

  • Personnel policies, procedures and forms

  • Public employment

  • State Employment Relations Board (SERB) proceedings

  • Trials and appeals

  • Unemployment compensation proceedings

  • Wage and hour (FLSA) counsel

  • Workers' Compensation counsel, defense  and cost control

  • Wrongful discharge defense

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