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Governmental Law

Practicing Attorneys

The ever increasing complexities of the operations of local, state and federal governmental entities gave rise to the establishment of our governmental law practice area. Our attorneys advise and represent governmental entities of various types, including municipalities, counties and townships, in regards to legislative and regulatory legal matters at the local, state and federal levels.  Conversely, we work with individuals and businesses to resolve disputes with governmental entities.  


The attorneys at Black McCuskey are skilled in the following areas:

  • Acquisition and Disposition of Real Estate/Easements 

  • Annexation and Boundary Procedures and Matters/Land Use & Land Development (bio-solids and solid waste) 

  • Compliance with Environmental Laws & EPA Requirements 

  • Compliance with Open Meetings Act/Public Information Act/Competitive Bidding/Competitive Proposal Act 

  • Conversion of Municipalities from General Law Status to Home Rule Status

  • Determination of Conflicts of Interest 

  • Election Matters and Procedures 

  • Labor and Employment/Workers’ Compensation 

  • Law Enforcement, Police and Public Safety

  • Licensing, Permits and Other Regulatory Matters 

  • Mergers and Acquisitions of Utility Systems 

  • Nuisance Removal

  • Preparation, Review and Revision of Contracts/Leases 

  • Preparation, Revision and Adoption of Ordinances and Resolutions & Regulations

  • Regulation of Businesses and Other Activities 

  • Rights, Powers, Duties, Obligations and Limitations of Governmental Entities & Officials

  • Street, Highways, Roads, Transportation, Motor Vehicle and Traffic Safety Matters 

  • Taxation and Debt Financing Matters 

  • Utility Right-of-Ways (including water, wastewater, electric, gas, cable television, storm drainage)

  • Zoning and Land Use Planning

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