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Privacy Policy

I. Web Site Use Terms:

a. The material posted at this web site is Copyrighted 2022 by Black, McCuskey, Souers & Arbaugh L.P.A. All rights reserved. BMSA, Black McCuskey and Black, McCuskey, Souers & Arbaugh are service marks of Black, McCuskey, Souers & Arbaugh L.P.A. (the Firm). You are permitted to make one (1) copy of any page of the web site for your individual personal use and for no other purpose.

b. By using the web site you agree to the terms of use, including the privacy policy, posted at the web site at the time you use the web site. The Firm may revise both the terms for your use of the web site and the Firm’s privacy policy without notice.

c. The material posted at this web site is for informational use only. This material is provided AS IS AND WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND. The Firm may not update this web site with changes in the information, even though such information is available and even though the Firm may be aware of such changes to the information. The web site may contain links to other web sites. Such third party sites are maintained by third parties, not by the Firm. The Firm disclaims any responsibility for the content of the information found at third party web sites.

d. The information on the web site is not intended to constitute legal advice of any sort. This means that you should not rely on the information at this web site without consulting with an attorney. The information posted at this web site or your use of the web site does not by itself create any attorney-client relationship between you and the Firm. The Firm does not intend to solicit clients solely by access to this web site, absent individual consultation between the Firm and the potential client. Before the Firm creates any attorney-client relationship, the Firm must obtain information from the potential client to investigate any potential conflict of interest such a relationship may create. If you would like to inquire about becoming a client of the Firm, please call the Firm at 330-456-8341.

e. Do not send confidential information to the Firm unless you have been asked to do so by an employee of the Firm. Any information that you may send, other than in response to a request by one of the Firm’s employees, will be assumed to be non-confidential. You assume all risk by using the web site. By using the web site you agree to defend and indemnify the Firm against any and all claims and/or losses that may result from your use or misuse of the web site. The Firm reserves the right to investigate, file or resolve any such claim or loss.

f. Your use of the web site and the limited licenses granted for such use are governed by the laws of the State of Ohio, without regard to the conflicts of law provisions thereof. The sole jurisdiction for any claim arising from your use of the web site shall be in Canton, Stark County, Ohio.

g. The Firm may post information on the web site concerning possible employment opportunities. This information does not create an employment agreement express or implied.

h. If you have any questions or comments about your use of the web site, you may call the Firm at 330-456-8341, and ask for the Director of Client Development. The Firm will make reasonable efforts to respond to your questions but does not guarantee that it will make any response.

II. Privacy Policy:

a. Unless you send information to the Firm by email or by completing an on-line form posted at the web site, the Firm does not collect personal identifying information about you. Personally identifying information including such things as name, email address, phone number, and any other personal information you may submit.

b. However, your web browser may provide to our web browser certain information (such as your IP address or other link from which you accessed the web site). The Firm will use any such information only for the Firm’s internal purpose to improve services.

c. The web site may use cookies. Cookies are information transferred to your computer by a web site when you are visiting a web site. This information enables your computer to save passwords, the addresses of web sites that you have previously visited, etc.

d. The Firm does not sell, rent or barter any personal information obtained from your use of the web site. The Firm will use such personal information only for the Firm’s internal purpose to improve services to you, if you are a client of the Firm.

e. The web site is secured by firewalls, but the Firm makes no warranty or assurance that the web site is secure. No web site can be assured to be secure 100% of the time. By accessing the web site, you assume all liability for your use.

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