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Workers' Compensation

The Workers’ Compensation Practice Group of Black McCuskey develops strategies to reduce the incidence of claims and provide expert advice in claims management and cost control.  The group also provides representation at all levels of The Industrial Commission, Ohio Courts of Common Pleas, Courts of Appeals and the Ohio Supreme Court.  Their experience and effective representation of clients allows them to provide defense in a claim from initial investigation, management and cost control to hearings before the Industrial Commission, and to jury trials in the Courts of Common Pleas.  

Service Directory


  • Administrative hearings before the Industrial Commission

  • Appellate practice before Ohio appeals courts and Ohio Supreme Court

  • Audits, claims management and cost control

  • FMLA, ADA interaction with workers’ compensation laws

  • Intentional tort defense

  • Mandamus actions in court appeals and Ohio Supreme Court

  • OSHA defense

  • Trials pursuant to 4123.512 appeals

  • VSSR defense

  • Representation of self-insured employees regarding all matters of self-insurance

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