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Hybrid Work for Employees - Here to Stay?

June 1, 2021

With most employers opening their offices, many questions arise.


  1. Can I ask if my employee has been vaccinated? YES

  2. Can I require my employee to return to the office? In most cases, YES


As the COVID-19 safety guideline landscape continues to change, many employers have expressed concerns that inquiring about their employees' vaccination status may violate HIPPA. Because employers are not “covered entities” under HIPPA, asking employees about their vaccination status is not a violation of the law.


Additional questions will arise regarding the unvaccinated, outside visitors, and continued work from home, etc.


For additional questions on return to work and any related matters, please contact any one the firm's Labor & Employment attorneys.


Gust Callas, Coordinator

Brian Mertes

Jim Wherley

Whitney Willits


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